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May 13, 2012 9:00am PDT
out of the hole. the state is facing a projected shortfall of $16 billion. governor jerry brown says a failure to pull the state out of its fiscal nosedive will hurt public safety and education. >> we will have to go further and make cuts far greater than i asked for at the beginning of the year. we can't fill a hole of this magnitude with cuts alone without doing severe damage to our schools. >> the governor says he'll explain his revised spending plan on monday, we will go live to california at the top of the hour. >>> but now it's time for strategy talk. where mitt romney's consistency is back in the spotlight today after he waded into the gay marriage debate. joining me is former vermont governor, dnc chairman how old dean and michele bachmann campaign adviser, wesley donohue. mitt romney said in simple terms that gay rights have a right to adopt children in my view, that is something which people have the right to do. one day later, he walked it back saying he simply acknowledges that it is legal in most states, so why would he stick to his guns on what he himself calls his view
May 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
and eventually, you will find yourself being able to switch your brown liquor and switch your mint. the recipe is on ourblog, weekends with alex witt starts now. >>> a big day for presidential politics. the president makes it official, kicking off the re-election campaign in two critical swing states. will the romney campaign steal the spotlight? >>> a 9/11 master mind ka lig ma hammed. we are live from guantanamo bachlt why covering more was the most simple time of his life. >>> on a lighter note, we are off to the races with the 138th kentucky derby today. what about the hats? we are going show you the perfect toppers for churchill downs. good morning. welcome to weekends with alex wi witt. the first big political rallies of the 2012 presidential race are torgting ohio and virginia, two swing state that is may be critical to winning re-election. mike vie carous has the preview. good morning. >> good morning to you, alex. this is the kick off of the obama 2012 campaign. the president and first lady are making two stops to ohio and virginia. they are not just swing states. they
May 5, 2012 9:00am PDT
. contraband. those are your number ones. >>> taking a look right now at sherrod brown. he's at ohio state university. he's warming up the crowd, if you will. we've also had former governor ted strickland. former senator john glenn. we are making our way to the president. he's expected to take to the podium. we will take you there live once again when the first lady takes to the podium. stay with us here on "weekends with alex witt." [ woman ] my washer had a foul odor that made the whole room stink. [ woman #2 ] even my laundry started to get a funny smell. [ female announcer ] got a bad odor in your high-efficiency washer? clean it with tide washing machine cleaner. [ female announcer ] three uses will help remove odor-causing residues and leave your washer clean and fresh. to help maintain your he washer, use tide washing machine cleaner once a month and always wash with tide he detergent, specially formulated for proper he performance. tide washing machine cleaner. clean laundry starts with a clean washer. do you read in bed? do you read out loud or in your head? do you need a lamp to
May 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
jerry brown is proposing a recovery plan to include several spending cuts and tax increases. this comes as the governor proposes a $14 billion water project that has some scratching their heads. joining me is the former governor of california, gray davis. welcome, sir. glad to have you. >> my pleasure. nice to be with you. >> tell us why california has this chronic budget problem. >> that's a good question, alex. i like to believe it's because california is place where we believe all things are possible. five years ago, facebook didn't exist and yesterday they're the third largest ipo in american history. the flip side of that is we tend to look at problems as solvable when maybe they're not. we look at revenues that's more robust than they turned out to be. >> you mentioned facebook. and i'm curious. that's going to bring in a lot of money, correct, for the golden state, in terms of taxes? >> it certainly will. no one knows exactly how much. but the point i wanted to make is facebook did not exist five years ago. twitter is even younger. google is the old man at 12. the ipod and the ip
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)